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We're Hiring!!

We currently have several positions posted for team members to help us fulfill the ambitious vision of providing personalized, hands-on learning to a highly diverse student body at University Charter School. Apply for these positions at HireTrue - Apply Now

• School Nurse

• Instructional Aide

• Child Nutrition Program Director

• Child Nutrition Program Assistant

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We Are Trailblazers



UCS Pre-K Image1

The pathway to a life-long love of learning begins in our Pre-K program. Our youngest trailblazers begin learning the tactile skills to set a firm foundation for years to come. Pre-K students begin their journey in creative, fun environments that are personalized and student focused.

To learn more about our Pre-K program, enrollment information, and important dates please click here 

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Elementary education is critical in every student's journey at UCS. Our integrated math and reading programs ensure that every student is set for success. Our Project-Based Education principle immerses students in local heritage, culture, ecology, opportunities, and experiences. Each of our elementary students is provided technology that enhances their learning environments, and our curriculum is focused on science, technology, reading, engineering, the arts, and math.

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UCS Middle School Image1

Understanding that the middle school years for our students are sometimes the most transformational, we have a dedicated team of educators who are passionate about instilling character, values, and dedication into our 6th-8th grade trailblazers. 

Our robust middle school programming continues the focus on STREAM (science, tech, reading, engineering, arts, and math), but also introduces the opportunity for students to take accelerated programs in critical areas. 

We also offer a variety of electives to augment the core curriculum and broaden students' perspectives as our middle schoolers begin to find passion in different areas of focus.

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We believe that the high-school experience is the launching pad to an amazing future for our students. 

The University Charter School secondary experience is rooted in equipping students for success, no matter the path they choose to follow. Our college and career readiness program is dedicated to ensuring that students have access to all the tools needed to build the path to their next steps. 

We are proud to offer various Career-Technical Education electives that focus on real-world experiences to shape and sharpen passion in our students. These offerings include business enterprise, agriculture, computer-science, and more. 

Our high-school students also have the opportunity to explore Advanced Placement courses, and dual-enrollment options for advanced college credits, prior to graduation. 

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UCS Athletics provides an integral opportunity for students, from 7th grade and up, to learn the values of team work, commitment, and competition. Our coaches are dedicated to building relationships on and off the field with athletes, developing their skills and talents, and instilling a desire for excellence. 

We currently offer sixteen different programs across eight different sports; and in our short history have seen tremendous growth and success in all of our teams.  

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UCS Band 1

In concert with academics and athletics, UCS is proud to offer a robust choice of arts and other extracurricular options for students. Students can pursue their passions in visual arts, music/band, drama, and many other clubs that meet regularly. 

Providing this avenue offers a complete offering to our students to provide the most well-rounded experience we can offer.

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By The Numbers


Graduation Rate

Each student in the class of 2023 graduated upon completing their coursework.


Alabama Charter Elementary School

University Charter School was ranked No. 1 in Alabama Charter Elementary Schools among the 2024 Best Elementary School rankings by U.S. News & World Report.


2022/2023 ALSDE Report Card Grade

Though still young, UCS continues to receive excellent marks in the State's annual review.


Total Students

We are proud to teach Pre-K through 12th grade. This allows for a student's journey to be all encompassing from start, to finish. 


Athletic Teams

Student athletes have a variety of choices when it comes to competing on the field, court, or course.


Student Membership Clubs or Organizations

Students have many options in extracurricular activities, both academic, and career-focues.

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