• The UCS Parent Academy is a free, year-round, parent engagement initiative to help parents become full partners in their children’s education.  The goal of this program is to provide educational excellence for all our children by informing parents about the importance of their roles, familiarizing parents with UCS technology, internet safety protocols among other important topics. The three fundamental focus areas are student achievement, parenting & advocacy, and personal & individual growth.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What Is UCS Parent Academy?

    Parent Academy is a University Charter School (UCS) program that seeks to provide parents resources for student achievement; parenting and advocacy; and personal and individual growth. UCS, faculty and staff along with local business, community and educational leaders offer informative sessions on a variety of topics.

    What Is the Mission of UCS Parent Academy?

    First and foremost, the mission of UCS is to educate, equip, and empower our children to succeed in whatever endeavors they choose. We know that student achievement increases when parents and caring adults are actively involved in the education of youth. To increase parent engagement in our school, we decided to provide parents with some of the same resources we provide their children, that is, opportunities to learn. It is our goal to provide information sessions relevant to the needs and requests of UCS parents.

    What Is the Cost and Meeting Date of UCS Parent Academy?

    There is no cost to attend Parent Academy. The sessions are provided free of charge by generous faculty and staff volunteers as well as local businesses, community, and non-profit organizations.

    When and Where Is UCS Parent Academy?

    Parent Academy will be held once a month at Lyon Hall in conjunction with other UCS information and organizational meetings, such as PTA. The Parent Academy sessions are provided free of charge by generous faculty and staff volunteers as well as local businesses, community, and non-profit organizations.

    Based on parent response, UCS may provide Parent Academy specialty educational sessions independent of the regular scheduled monthly meeting or break-out sessions per meeting night based on student grade.

    How Can I Be a Part of UCS Parent Academy?

    Simply attend Parent Academy sessions. For more information, please contact the UCS Parent Academy parent liaison or UCS PTA representative.

    What Session Topics Will Be Held UCS Parent Academy?

    Parents, what would YOU like to know? It is import to UCS that session topics assists our parents in student achievement and parent personal growth. Suggested topics of interest are provided on the attached sheet. We ask that you simply check by the topic you would like offered at the Parent Academy. In addition, space is proved for you to write in topics you would like to have considered for presentation. You do not have to sign the topic suggestion sheet. Keep this sheet for your use and return the suggested topic sheet to UCS the first week of school. You may return the topic sheet via your child to their homeroom teacher or email to ucspta@universitycharterschool.org.

    Thank you! Your support and involvement in the Trailblazer Family Parent Academy is appreciated!