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New for the 2024-2025 school year, UCS is moving to a phone-free classroom policy.

We recognize the presence and need for mobile devices in the lives of our students; however, the use of these devices has evolved into a significant distraction in the classroom that impedes a student's ability to learn. Starting in August 2024, UCS will implement new policies and procedures centered around creating more focused and intentional classroom environments.

Students in 4th through 6th grade will be required to securely stow their mobile phones, wireless earbuds, and smart watches in their classroom from the beginning of the school day (7:55AM) until dismissal. 

Students in 7th through 12th grade will be issued a secure, tamper-free pouch to stow their mobile electronic devices during the school day. Please watch the video below to learn more about what 7th through 12th grade students can expect this upcoming school year.

Students who would prefer not to stow their devices in the provided pouch may choose to either leave their devices at home, or in their vehicle during the school day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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