University Charter School is the result of a an innovative collaboration between the University of West Alabama, a rural, regional public institution of higher education, and the surrounding community.  The University of West Alabama, in fulfillment of its mission to “improve the region through education and outreach” fostered the development of University Charter School as a solution to some of the unique challenges facing rural public education in the Black Belt region. By partnering with UWA, UCS will open with the support of an experienced Board of Directors, well-trained teachers and staff, and proven systems to implement the innovative educational model. The University partnership will bring to UCS relationships within the education and philanthropic communities and experience in the design, implementation, and support of staff from the UWA College of Education that are formally trained in rural education. University Charter School was designed with input from and support of the community to meet the needs and desires of the community and this will continue to be the priority of UCS.  We will work with corporate partners in our community as well as with partners in higher education, so that we can prepare our students for the future.